Monday, August 1, 2011

My Week In Achieving Goals

Last week was an awesome writing week. The creativity flowed. I mentioned that I was going to participate in a twitter event #HaulAssDraft. My goal was for my manuscript to be at 8,000 words. Well, I beat that! I was at roughly 12,000 words! Heck yeah. In fact, I wrote 9,000 words last week. I loved getting past my goal and seeing the progress I made. My original goal was for this book to be roughly 15K but I think my goal now is to be closer to 20K. for those wondering what that means, it isn't a full length book. It s an afternoon or two read. In fact, I have gotten to the point in my reading that I prefer novellas. Authors can pack so much in and you aren't left with all these filler pages that you sometimes want to fall asleep to.

This week, my favorite scene I wrote involved pizza, olives, purple toe nails, and a naughty foot.

I am coming to an end soon. After more writing last night, I have my black moment coming and the ending will soon be here(word count is at 15k now). My mind is already brainstorming the next book in the series. I decided to attempt a small series with this. Each book will be a standalone, but you get to meet the character before reading their story.

So, I am off. Mom duty calls. Just a few more days and these guys will be back to school, the house will  be quiet, and my butt will be planted all day in front of this tiny netbook screen!


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