Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2nd- A Day To Remember!

Not only is today my son's 7th birthday, today is the day I received my very first contract. Seriously, still in shock. How is the heck did this happen?! Really, someone liked my work? Holy cow! That's all I can say. My dream is coming true.

So, I had to call and text everyone of coarse. My mom cried, and was so excited. I wonder if she was thinking, FINALLY she is doing something with her life. LOL...j/k mom. I have been doing one of the hardest jobs for 7 years, raising my two boogers. She was proud of that too, of coarse.

So, for now I am still in a cloud, scratching my head, wondering if I really read what I did. Thank you to everyone who listened to me for hours and hours on end about this.

More soon.


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