Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Step

I feel like I took a big step yesterday. I have a fabulous author friend whom I chat with all the time. She is awesome and has given me wonderful advice. She listens to me whine and yet, keeps talking to me.

So, one thing I have done is I am going to start thinking of this as my job, not a hobby. I am going to put hours into this on an almost daily basis. Such as tonight, I am finishing up edits (yes again!), getting ready to send off for final submissions. This week, I am going to work on new WIP and hope to have it completed in the next week or two. Work on it, edit it, and so on. That way, if more rejections come in for my current work, I am ready to send something else out. Eventually something will make it, right?

So, my big step. To some, you may just laugh, but I created an e-mail account with my pen name. So now, I have my new persona! It feels crazy, but this great and wonderful author friend says it is a good idea. It will help me set myself up with this pen name, and it will be an email strictly for my writing. It almost makes this feel real, if that makes sense at all.

This week I am also participating on a writing event on Twitter. The event is called #haulassdraft. Basically, you haul work yourself as hard as possible on current work in progress and tweet updates with that hash tag above.

Wish me luck! Current WIP is at 3,400 words. I want to be near at at least 8,000 by the end of the week.


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