Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting Rejected

I wanted to take a moment to write about what it was like to be rejected. I have to admit the first rejection that came in hurt. I did cry my eyes out and felt like a failure. Submitting your work is really putting yourself out there and you have to be ready to be rejected. I had let myself get to excited about the prospect of being published to realize it just might not happen. When that first letter came, I put the kids to bed and myself and just ended the day. I woke the next morning feeling better but still sad. My daughter asked what was wrong so I told her. She gave me the best advice.

Just because they didn't like it mommy, doesn't mean someone else won't.

Hard to believe a 4 year old can be so smart!

So, the second rejection came this morning. To be honest, I was a little surprised to be rejected. I had previously heard they liked what they had read and I thought maybe this one was a 75/25 shot since they had liked it. Nope, they turned me down too. And guess what, it didn't hurt. Nope, not one bit. I was ready for it this time. I mainly wanted feedback from them so I knew what I needed to do to improve as a writer.

So, my brain is full of ideas now with suggestions from these two companies. I am sure there will be more rejections in the future, but that's all part of this career right? Put yourself out there and someone is either going to say yes or no.


C.H. Admirand said...

Hey Rebecca, you're daughter is right! Rejections are so hard to hear, but when you remember that it's not personal, it's a part of being in this business, it's even easier to put it into perspective.

When I first started out, I would take a hard look at the rejections and see if at least 3 people mentioned the same reason for rejecting. If they did, I would revise/tweak my wip.

Good luck on your journey! Do you belong to a writer's group? They are extremely supportive.

C.H. Admirand

Crystal said...

I am sure someone out there will publish you. Don't be too discouraged and keep it up. I am proud of you, you finished a book, and it took courage to put yourself out there. You are an amazing woman, wonderful mother, and the best friend a person could ask for. I am honored to have someone of your caliber in my life.

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