Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twitter and edits

I was never a big twitter user until the past month or two. Mainly used my book blog id, chatting with authors and other bloggers. So, I recently decided to start another twitter account under my pen name. I was tweeting a lot under my usual name about writing, edits, and so on. I have met some wonderful writers on there. They are all so supportive and motivational. One event that takes place quite a bit on on there is an event under this hashtag #1k1hr. Your goal is to write 1,000 words in an hours along with the other writers. A time is chosen, everyone plops their butts down, and we get writing. At the end of the hour everyone reports back how much they wrote. Its very motivational. I took the time to participate in 3 of them the other day. I of coarse had to go back and edit all those pages, since its all about getting the ideas out and worrying about the edits later. So yesterday was a day full of edits.

As I am editing this WIP, I can really see a change in my writing. In my last story I had a lot of POV (point of view) issues. I have that down this time! Woo! Or at least I have not caught any. I am wording my sentences better. Not so many he, she , him, her's starting my sentences. I am hoping I have less telling. That was an issue I was faced with in my last work.

It feels nice to see improvements in myself. I can't wait to write my next story and see how much I change in that one too!


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