Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My journey so far.

So I have a dream to be a writer. Its always what I have wanted to do. Finally with the kids are getting older, I have had time to write again. Next year my daughter will be starting school, she is my youngest, and I will have a lot of time.

So, I thought it would be fun to blog about my journey as I hopefully one day get publsihed.

I submitted my first work on May 5, 2011 to a publishers. I have been waiting to hear from them. During the time I had been waiting, I had realized I had laid all my cards in one place. So I decided to submit to another company too. I didn't want to submit to to many places being as this is my first time being out there. I was turned down two weeks later and given reason. I set the letter aside and decided to wait on the other company to see what they had to say.

Well, I awoke this morning and had their rejection letter too. They pointed out a few different things. So, I have a list of things to work on now.

I have been back and forth about just putting this story aside and working on something else. Several people who have read it, liked it and want to see me make the changes and continue forward with it. So, I have brainstormed and thought of ways I could do this.

So, its back to the editing board. Time to work on this and see if it can go anywhere. I know I have it in me. I was not given rejections that said my writing was horrible, never do it again. They were merely suggestions on where it would have been catchier and so on. So, I think that is a plus.

So, I hope you will go with me on my journey. And maybe, just maybe I will have wonderful news to report on here!


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